1. Take them to your locally recycling center:

The first option for most people looking to dispose of unwanted fence paneling is to take them to their local recycling center. One of your main issues here is going to be the transportation of the fence panels. A large car or van will be needed. If using a van it is advisable to check with your recycling center first as some do not allow commercial vans on site or may charge such vehicles an entrance fee.

2. Hire a skip

The next logical option is to hire a skip. This option would remove the problem of transporting the fence paneling but for small clearance jobs it could provide a costly option.

3. Contact your council

Often your local council may provide a pick up clearance service as part of their recycling initiatives. This is most likely to vary from council to council so it is advisable to check with your local authority for more details first.

4. Burn it

Many people looking to dispose of fence paneling opt to burn the wood in their garden. This option is not recommended as treated wood can give off toxic fumes. Care also needs to be taken to ensure there is no risk of fire spreading and endangering others.

5. Wheelie Bin

Some people opt to use their recycling wheelie bin to dispose of fence paneling. Care needs to be taken as treated wood cannot go into the recycling bin although natural or untreated wood can. You also need to take care not to overfill the bin otherwise the collection maybe refused. Disposing of fence paneling in this way can be a time consuming task. It is advisable to check with your local refuse collection provider to make sure you are allowed to do so.

6. Use Freecycle

One useful online resource that may be able to help with the disposable of bulky fence paneling is Freecycle.org. This website allows people to advertise their recyclable stuff online. The service is free to use and a very handy resource.


These are just a few options open to you. Deciding on the best option that best meets your needs will depend on the size of your clearance project and the services your local authority provides.





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Looking into removing an old fence? Price Moving Hauling Omaha is a one-stop shop; we will remove and get rid of your old fence. Our trained professionals are equipped with the most up-to-date industry tools and equipment to dismantle and tear down any pre-existing fence you need removed. Whether it?s a metal chain linked fence, iron fence, wooden fence or plastic PVC fencing, we will take it down for you. Just one call clears it all, call now!

#1 Fence Removal Service Omaha

Price Moving Hauling Omaha can help you deal with the burden of taking down any fencing your self and then dealing with the removal of the debris. We will haul it away too! We will tear all the fencing need to be removed and haul all the debris away. We will clean up all the mess and dispose of all materials responsibly. All recyclable material will be properly recycled when possible. We are a environmentally conscience company and we take pride in what we do.


Fences give any home more privacy and security but they have limited lifespans. The old fencing must be removed to make room for the new fencing, and there are right and wrong ways to remove fencing. Doing it in an organized way with the correct tools will make the job easier and faster. The labor to remove fencing is extensive, but worth it. Removing fences is a job that does not take a lot of skill, just a strong back and the need to get it taken down and disposed of to make room for a new fence.


Make sure that a rotted fence that is falling apart is actually on the property and belonging to the homeowner and not the next door neighbor. Check with the neighbor to see if they own the fence. Check where the home’s property lines actually are. The new fence should be located within the home’s lot lines.

Contact the local power and utility companies to make sure they do not have lines for power, phone, or water near the old fence.

Get a dumpster or other container to put the old fence materials in and have hauled away. If you plan on using a truck, make sure the bed is large enough to hold everything.

Consider the amount of work this will take and check on the cost of having a professional do the job. Sometimes the cost is small enough that it is better to hire the job to be done, then to use your own labor.


To remove a wood fence, start with the vertical boards. Use a hammer to knock each board away from the frame. Next, use the claw end to remove the nails. Last, stack the boards in neat piles ready to haul away.

The next step is to remove the horizontal frame wood from the fence posts. Again, the hammer is used to knock them free of the fence posts. Removing the nails from each piece of wood makes them easier to handle and cuts down on the risk of someone stepping on the nails or injuring the hands when handling the wood. Sometimes parts of the wood can be reused and removing nails makes working with the wood easier and safer.

Removing the fence post comes next. Determine if they are buried in dirt or if they are surrounded by concrete. If they are buried only in the dirt, removal involves digging around them to remove as much dirt as possible then pulling them out using leverage if needed. Rope and a pile of bricks and wood give some leverage. Consider hiring a professional to do this part of the job.

Fence posts buried in concrete are difficult to remove but can be gotten out by digging around the concrete as deep as possible then using a mattock to dig further down to the base of the concrete. Now pull them out using the same leverage as for those buried in dirt.

Tearing down and installing new fencing surrounding your home can be quite the task for a homeowner. If you have plans to install new fencing in Omaha NE, contact your fence professionals at Price Moving Hauling Omaha today.


How much does it cost to remove a fence?

Removing existing fencing and hauling it away can cost between $1-$4 per linear foot. For an existing 209-foot fence, the cost would be $118-$245 for removal and disposal.

Fence removal is one of those jobs that often turns out to be more work than it seemed like before you get started. For starters, the fence posts will be well anchored if the fence was built correctly, making removal more of a challenge. Concrete will likely have been used to anchor them, several feet deep in many cases.

Aside from the anchored posts, another aspect of fence removal that DIY’ers will often underestimate is the amount of debris fence removal creates. A fence takes up a lot more space when it’s been taken down than it might seem like when it’s standing. Depending on the size of the fenced area, debris removal can take several dumpsters to cart it off.


In the meantime, you will need to rent a large dumpster that will sit outside your house until the work is done. And if you plan to get started on your renovation project this spring, you may need to pull up that fence while the ground is still rock hard from the winter cold.


If you have a renovation project or construction job that requires fence removal, Price Moving Hauling Omaha is the solution for getting the work done fast. We will provide the manpower, materials and expertise needed to make quick work of removing your fence and leaving behind a clean space ready for you to use as you wish.

Much of the remaining material from a fence removal can be recycled or repurposed for continued use. Price Moving Hauling Omaha will see to it that those materials are responsibly recycled, and will dispose of the rest in accordance with local ordinances. You can rest assured when you hire Price Moving Hauling Omaha for your fence removal, you are making an environmentally responsible decision.

Got a construction project in mind after the fence removal? Our services don’t stop with just junk hauling. We also cleanup construction debris, concrete removal and demolition services. You may decide now that the fence is gone, that old shed in the yard needs to go as well. We can do it for you.



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